About Me

At my firm, The Law Office of Araceli Tovar, APC, located in Chula Vista, I offer knowledgeable guidance with estate planning and probate matters. With more than 20 years of experience in these areas of law, I understand the specific issues facing individuals and families in Southern California.

I believe in working hand in hand with each of my clients. As your attorney, I make it a point to be there for you whenever you have questions. My job is to help you determine what you need to do in order to best protect your hard-earned assets and family, and I take this obligation seriously.

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What You Can Expect When Working With Me

You and I will discuss the concerns you have regarding your estate plan, or evaluate the options available to you when needing assistance with a trust administration or the probate process in California. With regards to your estate plan, I offer practical guidance that helps you understand the plan you have and then determine what you need to do if any updates must be made after you experience changes in your life.

Individuals are often reluctant to think about estate planning. They put it off until the last possible moment or never even bother to address it at all. I want you and your family to be prepared for the unexpected, so that everyone is able to have a firm grasp on what will happen when you or a loved one passes away. Taking a few moments to plan for the future can make probate or the distribution of assets much less complicated.

Let Me Help You Find Peace Of Mind

I can help you make sense of all of the questions currently facing you and your family. To arrange a consultation with an experienced estate planning and probate lawyer, please call my office at 619-869-4200, or send me an email using the contact form on this website. Se Habla Español.