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Knowledgeable Guidance Regarding Your Estate Planning Needs

Everyone has something that they need to discuss when it comes to estate planning. Whether you have just purchased a home, have started a family, or are on the verge of retirement, you want to make sure your loved ones have the guidance they need to carry out your final wishes.

If you are like most people, you haven't yet taken the time to put an estate plan in place. At my firm, The Law Office of Araceli Tovar, APC, in Chula Vista, I have helped many people just like you. I know this can be a difficult thing to contemplate emotionally, and I am here to provide you with detailed advice about what you need to do to make things easier for your family and loved ones.

Comprehensive Estate Plans that Meet Your Goals

In California, there are specific laws that detail what happens to a person's property if they pass away without an estate plan. These laws mandate that certain individuals, generally blood relatives, receive most, if not all, of the person's estate. This may not necessarily fall in line with what was intended. The only way to prevent this from happening is to put an estate plan in place.

As an estate planning attorney with over two decades of experience, I can help you develop the right plan to clearly state what you want to happen with your assets. I assist with all aspects of estate planning, including:

  • Helping you compile a list of your specific accounts, including assets only accessible digitally.
  • Creating a will or trust to pass down property accordingly.
  • Drafting living wills that discuss the medical care you should receive in the event of incapacity.
  • Drafting a power of attorney for financial decisions in the event of incapacity.
  • Helping you update your estate plan when you experience significant changes in your life, such as a new child or the loss of a loved one.
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I will work with you to make sure you understand the options that apply to your situation. When you have questions, I explain what I think is the best choice for you to make and why I feel that way. When it comes time to put your plan in place, I prepare everything necessary to ensure your family has the guidance it needs at each step of the process.

The First Step Toward Protecting the Future of Your Family

I am confident that I can help you develop the plan you need to pass down your assets. To schedule your consultation with an experienced lawyer, please call my office at (619) 771-1713, or send me an email. Se Habla Español.